Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Progress report: my office

I was hoping my office would be done by the time I officially went back to work after maternity leave. Well, my official back-to-work date was April 24th, and my office is not done yet. Somehow it's even more difficult to work on the house with two little ones around instead of just one.

My mom stripped the wallpaper when she was here. Frederic finally had enough time the past few days to prime and paint the walls. We now need to decide whether one coat of paint is enough or not, and then he can lay the laminate flooring.

This is how my office looked when we moved in:

(Yes, that light fixture is like a wicker basket. It left with the previous owners although goodness only knows why you'd want to keep something that hideous. We will be looking for something more appropriate to hide my bare (but energy-saving!) lightbulb.)
And this is how it looks now:

Small as the room is (I'd guess about 8 x 12 feet), it already looks much bigger and brighter without that peach-y wallpaper and hideous border.

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Jesse said...

I think it's wonderful that you guys can fix your house yourselves. I can barely vacuum correctly! :) And your rooms are so beautiful when they are done! I'm jealous! Good luck getting your office finished!