Thursday, May 8, 2008

It has been sunny all week!

So we have been outside as much as possible, enjoying it.

We had a swing set breakthrough two days ago! Benjamin had not wanted to go on the swingset since we got it set up a couple of weeks ago. He stuck to the slide, and that was it. But two days ago when we were outside, I was sitting on the swing and trying to catch him as he tried to sneak past me, and if I caught him, I pulled him up on my lap to swing with me. He wiggled and tried to get down, but then would pretend to try and sneak past again, and say "Catch me!", laughing like a little 2-year-old maniac.

So then I told him I'd only catch him if he'd promise not to wiggle while I was holding him on the swing, and then I told him I'd only catch him if he'd hold onto the ropes. So he did, and after swinging together a few times, I got off the swing, and convinced him to try on his own.

He was doubtful at first. "I am swinging, but this is NOT fun!"

But he came around. "Well, ok, that wasn't so bad after all!"

And today he tried the chair-type swing and didn't try to jump off through the space between the seat and the footrest.
* * * * * *

I found the playmat for Noah that I had forgotten about until I saw the "before" pictures of my office. Like a good big brother, Benjamin shows him how to use it.

* * * * * *

Noah is 2 months old today! He is much happier now than he was a few short weeks ago. He smiles a lot more and fusses a lot less, for which we are very grateful!

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Jordan and Kacey and ??? said...

Hm...that picture of Benjamin not looking like he wants to swing looks like me when people try to get me to swing.