Monday, May 12, 2008

Looks like summertime!

It's not, because it's not *that* hot out yet, but we got a pool for Benjamin the other day and he finally decided to try it out today. Like with the swing set, he was pretty hesitant at first.

So Frederic tried to show him how much fun it was.

And tried to entice him in with his rubber ducks.

And finally, after being splashed a bit, Benjamin decided to try it.

And as you might expect - Frederic had a hard time convincing him to get out again when it was dinner time!

He still loves to hold Noah - he held him for a good 15 minutes or more last night while watching Finding Nemo.

And little curly-haired Noah is sleeping more, fussing less, and smiling a lot these days. Frederic might beg to differ about the fussing, but I think he has just forgotten how bad it was a few weeks ago. It really is much better now.

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Jesse said...

Gorgeous babies! I love little ones, I don't have one of those anymore :( Enjoy the pool and sunshine!