Monday, September 22, 2008

One of us is ready for our trip home

It's still almost 2 months away, but Benjamin woke up this morning saying, "Take airplane, go see Grandma!" And he can recite all the aunts & uncles & cousins he'll see in November. He has a little photo album with pictures of everyone that we look at sometimes so he knows who everyone is.

We got out the walker for Noah the other day. (Don't mind the still under construction background. It's only been a year since we started. I'm sure we'll be done any year now.)

Noah mostly moves backwards in it. But Benjamin has the hang of it.


KJWilsons said...

LOL Benjamin cracks me up.
They are going to have so much fun!

Brett, BethAnn & Kyra said...

Too funny - Noah is progressing quicker than Kyra. Thats great! Maybe we will be be able to make it to Thanksgiving, and give them a chance to meet and stare at each other! BA

Dan, Kellie & Kiddos said...

That makes two of us - we'll be in town over Thanksgiving, probably Fri - Sun or so, so hopefully we'll get to see you!