Friday, September 19, 2008


We will be spending the winter in Montpellier! I haven't posted about it on the blog yet because I was a little afraid to jinx it, so here's the scoop:

Frederic has been a flight coordinator for a couple of years. Lately he's gotten the two-year itch he typically gets with his jobs, and was looking for something different. He's been wanting a managerial position, but one of his bosses nicely sabotaged that for him this time around because he wasn't "available enough" for work when I was 9 months pregnant with Noah. He'd looked into a position in the mechanic's garages at Air France, but we decided there wouldn't be much room for moving up or changing positions there, and it's a service that could be fairly easily transformed into a subsidiary if Air France decides to cut costs, so that is something we want to avoid if possible.

So he came home one day asking if I'd like to move to Montpellier. Air France was hiring flight dispatchers, so he'd been looking into the criteria. He talked to human resources, and found out he had no chance of being hired for the post without going through a specialized training first. Having this training is not a guarantee he would get the job later on, but not having it is almost a guarantee that he wouldn't.

This specialized training is at an aviation school in Montpellier. He started the application process, and about 10 days ago flew down for a presentation of the school and tests. We were surprised to learn that he'd find out the very next week whether he was accepted or not, since there are still two selection sessions to come in October and November. Apparently it's best to attend the earliest one, like he did, since there are about 100 applicants for 24-48 spots. We started watching the mailbox... and today the letter finally came, he is in!

Next on the list: find a place to live. We have a few leads, and will probably rent an off-season vacation rental since we'll need something furnished. We'll be in Montpellier from January through March, and then Frederic will have a three-week internship with a company in April. We don't know yet whether the boys and I can accompany him to wherever that will be or not.

For those who don't know or may not remember - I lived in Montpellier for a year when I did my Junior Year Abroad, and that is where I lived when Frederic and I started dating 10 years ago. I am very much looking forward to going back for a few months!


Claire said...

Congrats to Frederic!!! Sounds like a fun time for y'all.

Jesse said...

All good news. Congrats!

Jordan and Kacey and Caitlyn said...

Yay! You guys better still be coming for Thanksgiving, though... =O