Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A taste of home

My friend Emiley and her daughter Isabel came from Germany to visit us this weekend. And she brought us lots of

Frederic is very happy! We have only found Dr Pepper in a town near the condo lately and it's something like a euro a can (about $1.36 at the current exchange rate) so we usually don't indulge.

In return, I made her (and myself, since I didn't get one for my birthday) a birthday cake. Those are M&Ms on top, and one candle for me and one for her - we thought 62 candles for our combined age would be a fire hazard.

We made playdoh one afternoon for the kids. Benjamin hadn't ever played with playdoh before and he liked it, but didn't really understand that he could do anything other than press the cookie cutters and things into it.

We went to Ikea on Sunday after church. The rest of France was also there, so it was hot & crowded inside the store, but we picked up a few things that had been on our shopping list for a while, like another bookcase for our living room and a light fixture for our dining room (what?! We've only been in the house for 2 years, you didn't expect us to have light fixtures in all the rooms yet, did you?!).


Ryan said...

Wow. That's at least a week's supply.

Trevor and Kayla Keele said...

That's about what the two-year-olds in my class do with play-doh, although the youngest ones just pick it into lots of tiny pieces which end up all over the floor! I'm glad that Benjamin's first experience was good.

Tiffany said...

Yummmm...Dr. Pepper!

Claire said...

Benjamin needs some serious clay to play with. I know a wonderful aunt who has lots of it to play with.