Monday, June 22, 2009

Family, family and more family

We've been making the rounds of Frederic's family since my parents have been here. Last Sunday they came with us to Frederic's cousin's confirmation. Noah managed to get in a short nap so we all enjoyed the day more.

Benjamin also had a great time, as you can see by his little sweaty head.
Here we are with Frederic's cousin Kimberley.
* * * * *

Wednesday we had lunch with Frederic's sister and her family, and then had coffee with Frederic's brother and his family. My dad got to practice his French with French people to his heart's content.

* * * * *

In between visiting, my dad has been unusually helpful around the house. Or unhelpful, depending on what you consider putting large holes into the walls to be.

We removed the fake-brick and the blue wallpaper in the dining room, and ordered the bar to go in the opening. I'll post some after pictures when we've got it looking more finished - hopefully this will go quicker than the 2-year hallway project!

This gives us what they call here an "American kitchen."

Speaking of family, my sister-in-law, nephew, and sister-in-law's mother should be arriving tonight from Romania. And we have a surprise waiting for them! More on that later...

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marguerite said...

bonjour tout le monde
Je viens de visiter les photos qui sont super belles , Fréderic tu casses tout dans la maison !! heureusement que tu as de l'aide !
bien des bisous à vous tous et bonne vacances aux Parents.