Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sumac Resurrection

Since the demise of our sumac, we have learned that sumacs propagate by rhizomes, as evidenced by the teeny sumac plants popping up all over the front lawn where the sumac used to be. For a while we mowed them down. Then we thought maybe one would grow so we tried to put one in a pot, only to see it promptly croak. But one finally came up in just the right spot, not too far from where the original tree was, so we have been mowing around it and are waiting to see if it will grow into a tree again.

It's got a ways to go

before it looks like the old one:

Benjamin was begging for coffee like daddy today after his nap, so he got what we call in France an "American coffee." That is, just enough coffee to cover the bottom of the mug, and the rest filled up with water. He was very pleased with the result! (I know some of my family members will be pleased to see we are raising him right.)


Jordan said...

Watered down? Poor kid. Caitlyn got her 2 spoonfuls of my coffee this morning. She laughed before she got it, too. It's really cute.

Alisa said...

I know, I know. But he's no longer satisfied with 2 spoonfuls, so we had to find another solution to keep him from getting too wired. He's wired enough without it!

Claire said...

That's a very cool looking tree/bush. Sumac never looks that pretty around here. I guess because no one trims them to look like a tree. I like it!

And, as usual, your kid is very cute, too. :)