Monday, December 28, 2009

On-Time Christmas, or Christmas #3

We left December 24th for on-time Christmas with our friends the Hummels in Germany. We arrived in time for a Christmas Eve candlelight service at their church in Stuttgart. After dinner, we opened stockings.

Then the next morning, we opened all the presents (except for 2 larger ones that are waiting for the boys at home).

Noah was not interested at all in opening presents, so Benjamin had to help him out, but once they were opened he was more interested.

I *might* be set for books in English for the year now, between the close to 70 I bought while in the US, and the huge boxful Emiley got for me for Christmas. And Frederic was very pleased with his cases Diet Dr Pepper.

Lindley made us a delicious Christmas dinner of duck, and Emiley's dad took the kids out to the park in the afternoon so they could run off some of that extra Christmas energy.

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