Sunday, April 11, 2010

4 Sheds Minus 1 = Still Too Many

But we are making progress! And by we, I mean Frédéric is making progress. He and his friend took down one of the four sheds in the back yard on Friday. They started with the easiest-to-dismantle one, made of sheets of corrugated metal and metal rods.

This frees up a large space up on the hill for the vegetable garden. It's a spot that gets sun most of the day, and the kids don't play up there, so it should be perfect.

Perfect once we move the branches and compost and metal out of the way, that is. Frédéric went a little crazy cutting back the hedges back there, so now we have a great view of the front of our neighbors' house from our back patio. Hopefully the hedges will grow back a little bit or we can figure out what we'd like to use instead to block the view. So one shed down, only 2 more to go!

I let Benjamin skip his nap so he could work outside for a while too, but he got tired so he came inside to rest and read. (Those are the Crowe & Lundy genes coming out; no one in Frédéric's family cares much for reading.)

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