Friday, April 9, 2010

Transportation is in their blood

Noah is the Thomas the Tank Engine fan, but with a great-grandfather who worked for Citroën, a grandfather and an uncle who worked/work for the RATP (Parisian metro & bus company), and a father who works for Air France, transportation is in their blood. In fact, the SNCF (French train company) is the only one not represented in the family at the moment, so perhaps they have found their calling.

Benjamin built this track, complete with a "big, big bridge" all him by himself (and rebuilt it a few times after the tornado of destruction otherwise known as Noah came through).

They are *almost* at ages where they can play together... at the moment this translates into Benjamin bossing Noah around and telling him how to play, and Noah completely ignoring him and/or destroying his block castles or train tracks.

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