Thursday, July 15, 2010

A trip to France is no vacation for grandma

Benjamin and I drove through a thunderstorm Monday morning to pick up my mom at the airport. About 4 minutes after we left the house, Benjamin told me he wanted to go back home. I told him we couldn't, because Grandma was waiting for us at the airport. He didn't care. But I was pretty sure he couldn't find his way home in the rain, so I didn't let him out.

We put my mom on kid duty right after Benjamin and Noah helped her unpack. They were a little disappointed to see that she had taken up some of the space in her suitcase with her clothes, instead of filling it with only gifts for them.

Besides kid duty, we also set her to work gardening. She and Noah are great at weeding the yard.

We all went to the garden center on Tuesday, and we let her pick out what to plant in the retaining wall.

More pics of that to come later, but here is what we came home with.

And last night she got to play hair stylist as well, cutting Benjamin's hair against his wishes ("I want my hair long!").

Frédéric is taking advantage of this extra time to work on the bargain car we got last month, in the hopes that we can drive it to Germany at the end of the month so I won't have to feel Noah kicking my seat the entire way as I do in our smaller cars. (I'm hoping for a limo as our next car, with that divider between the front and back so we can't hear the kids. Let me know if you hear of any good deals.)


Claire said...

Sounds like fun times for everyone!!!

Leontien said...

Have Fun!!!