Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amazing Architectural Feats

Right in my living room!

Benjamin made this track all by himself. I did help him with reconstruction a few times since Noah ("the Bulldozer") kept knocking it down.

Oh look, here is Noah ("the Bulldozer") himself! He looks like a little troublemaker, doesn't he? But such a cute troublemaker, I guess we have to keep him.

I've been busy in the kitchen the past couple of days... here is what the tomato harvest has yielded so far: 6 jars of salsa (not pictured), 7 jars of zucchini-tomato pasta sauce:

And 5 jars of green tomato pickles, with probably more tomorrow. I was going to make green tomato jam but found a couple of jars of it still in the pantry... so I guess I could still make some but we'd have to find someone else to eat it.

We visited Frédéric's cousins for dinner Tuesday night. They had just returned from summer vacation in Reunion Island, and brought us this lovely carving that I think we will hang up somewhere in the dining room.

Frédéric hasn't been to Reunion in over 20 years, so we are hoping to rectify that within the next couple of years, and we hope our friends will be joining us. Most of Frédéric's family on his mom's side lives near Saint Denis, in the north.

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