Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer's not quite over yet

It got up to a sweltering 81°F today (those of you in the midwest or south of the US can stop laughing now) so I let the boys go in the pool again. It has been too cold to use it for weeks now, but we are hoping to get a few more dips in before school starts in just under two weeks.

You can see that Noah's favorite thing to do is splash.

I think Benjamin must have learned something at the swimming lessons he gets through school, because he is very at home in the water and doesn't mind sticking his face or whole head under, or even staying under a little bit, and he paddles around and can kick his feet.

I love that he gets to do that through school so we don't have to figure out the logistics of having him take lessons.

Noah also likes to observe the bugs on the side of the pool or in the water and squeal for someone to come take the "bazar" (roughly translated as "mess") out.


Top-of-the-Arch said...

The cool water looks so good :)
Wish I was as brave as Benjamin when it comes to swimming and a quick learner like Noah riding the bike - haa haa
Here in St. Louis, we had a big storm last night and now it is sunny but very "muddy".
Have a good week and enjoy the rest of your summer.

evidlaine said...

Je passe par hasard voir les nouvelles photos , les enfants adorent l'eau heureusement que la piscine était là ! ils ont pu s'amuser et se rafraîchir par cette chaleur..c'est agréable de les voir sourire aux lèvres et d'être heureux dans l'eau superbe les photos..
Christiane et Michel n'ont pas changer ça fait plaisir de les voir même en photo; La prochaine rencontre donner leur mon bonjour..Je vous dis à bientôt..bisous