Sunday, September 12, 2010


In a possibly vain attempt to channel some of Noah's energy, we checked out a gymnastics class last week for ages 2 to 4. To our astonishment, once we got there, Noah magically transformed from the wild whirling dervish we know him to be into a calm, mild-mannered Noah who was afraid to go too near the other children or climb on the equipment. He started getting more into it as the class went on.

Benjamin started out not wanting to go at all because I had showed him a video online of the class, and he did not want to "have feet" (bare feet). He also didn't want to wear shorts. We didn't push the issue. Once we got there, the teacher encouraged him to go try it out, but he hung back and told her, "I don't NEED to go play!" So he stayed on the sidelines with Frédéric, sneaking glances at the other kids. Finally he decided he would go try it out, and he hasn't looked back. He still won't agree to shorts, but he agreed to "sports pants" and bare feet. It's progress.

So we went again this week, and today they learned how to do a somersault.

Well... sort of.

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