Monday, October 18, 2010

Not a baby anymore

I cut Noah's hair the other day, and am mourning his lost curls. They were out of control and he got another "little girl" comment recently, so I thought I'd neaten it up a bit... but it's not really neatenable without cutting off the curls. I should have left him his messy mop.

He's still pretty darn cute. But oh, the curls.

The little baby isn't so little any more... playing with his older brother's Legos...
with Benjamin cautioning him, "Don't eat them, Noah!"

And we finally got him a real bed, after having taken down his crib a few months back. That means we were able to turn the radiators back on upstairs since he won't be pushing his mattress up against his radiator anymore, at least so we hope. And it's not a minute too soon (probably a few minutes too late, actually, it is cold!).

Benjamin kindly offered to help him test it out and make sure it was ok.

Bedtime story first in Benjamin's bed, with Daddy.

Bed time!

And how he ended up.... no more blankets, but at least he is still in the bed!

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