Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow, snow, go away

So, we drove up to Chicago on Sunday to fly out. It was coooold and snowy in Chicago, as it usually seems to be when we head home.
We again had the pleasant surprise of being upgraded on our way back, this time before we boarded the plane so no one had to jealously stare at us walking up the aisle.
We had heard about the snowstorms paralyzing France a few days earlier, but things weren't so bad when we got home. We figured it was much ado about nothing... At least, until the next day...

I took Benjamin to school Tuesday morning, and picked him up for lunch... and then this:
turned into this: in an hour... the road had at least an inch or two on it, so I decided not to take him back in the afternoon. His disappointment lasted right up until Frédéric took them outside to build a snowman and try out Benjamin's skis:

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