Monday, May 23, 2011

School as Behavior Modification Motivation

This strategy is working pretty well for Noah at the moment. There is nothing he wants more than to be "big" and go to school. The 3-year-old preschool class is called "petite section" and he is not happy about that, because "I will not be little, I will be big!" I'm working on convincing him that even the kids in "petite section" are big kids, because they go to school.

Actually, it still works for Benjamin to some extent, too. All it takes is a threat to call his teacher and tell him he can't go back to school, and he tends to settle down.

This probably won't still work through the teenage years, will it?

Lately when we've asked Noah to wait for one of us to go outside with him, he goes inside, gets his little chair, and installs himself on the front patio to wait for us.

He fell in love with our friends' new kitten this past weekend. Seeing him sitting there, immobile for long minutes at a time holding the kitten was *almost* enough to make us overcome our dislike of felines. Not to mention his puppy-dog eyes asking Frédéric if we could take the kitten home with us, and wanting to stay with our friends so he wouldn't have to leave the kitten! Thank goodness for Frédéric's allergies to keep us reasonable!

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