Monday, June 27, 2011

Noah's first day of school!

Today was preschool orientation for the new 3-year-olds who will be attending in September. Noah couldn't wait, he's been talking about nothing else for months already.

8 of the 11 newcomers were present, along with a parent or two apiece. Some were clingy and upset, not wanting to let go of their parents, and others felt immediately at home and felt free to do anything their little hearts desired. Noah, of course, tended to be in the second group, and didn't really care whether I stayed or not; he ignored me except to bring me pictures he drew for me. He obeyed the teacher pretty well but wasn't happy at being told to use crayons instead of markers (even though he doesn't use markers at home either, we aren't *that* crazy!). When it was time to stand up and introduce themselves, Noah stood up and told the teacher that he (Noah) was taller than him (the teacher, who was seated). The boy is convinced he is big enough to do anything he wants.

So they started with some free play time inside the school while the bigger kids had recess outside. Then the big kids came inside for introductions, until Noah stood up and said, "I have to go to the bathroom, ok, teacher?" Which effectively ended circle time as the teacher decided to take advantage of it and send everyone.

Then everyone had recess outside for a while (and it was HOT today! Already 86° and after weeks of the 60°s, we are melting!!). When we went back in, the teacher sent the 1st graders to do their work, read a story to all the others, and then (about 10:30) he told us we could take the little ones back home.

Noah was disappointed at being told to leave, he wanted to stay. So I think he will do just fine in September! (And yes, I will too - though it may be strange to have the house to myself every morning, believe me, there will be no tears shed here!!)

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Anonymous said...

Great videos Alisa, yep I must admit when Briana-Rose left for school it was a bit strange - but having the mornings all too yourself you quickly get used to it!!!
Love Isabelle