Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hide and Seek

We haven't been going outside much lately since we're getting all the rain those of you in the midwest wish you you were getting. So Hide and Seek has become the latest game of choice, but hiding places are somewhat limited around here.

I find this game very amusing to watch, because Noah, my little Ostrich Boy, goes into the guest room and hides his head under the bed, leaving the rest of his body visible on the floor. If he does manage to hide completely, and someone calls out, "Where are you?" he replies, "Under the bed!" or "In the living room!"

Also, neither boy counts to 10 or 20 when they play. Each counts to 12 or 13.

And Frédéric can talk to them from his hiding place, and they still take an inordinately long time to find him.... because they walk towards his voice, and when he stops talking, they walk back away into a different room, as though he must have moved.

I asked Frédéric if he *had* to look for them when they were hiding... wonder how long they'd stay hidden - how much peace and quiet could we get out of this deal?
* * * * *

The garden is still hanging in there. The snow peas are done, green beans are almost done, zucchini didn't work out this year... the boys and Frédéric harvested some carrots the other day, and if it ever stops raining, we may get tomatoes soon.

* * * * *

Now our summer marathon begins... friends are coming for lunch Monday, my parents arrive Tuesday for three weeks, when they leave, other friends come, and after that we may take an overnight trip with other friends - and then it will be back to school time! (Hooray!)

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Have a great time with your parents' visiting. I am sure they are happy to escape from the heat in St. Louis.
Thanks for sharing, especially photos of "sweet" Noah :)