Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keeping the Road Workers in Business

We had a loud rain/hailstorm Monday night, with golf ball-sized hail. It rained and hailed hard for probably two hours, and 15-18 inches of rain fell during that time.

The next day, we had a clear blue sky and decided to try to go out for a walk in the village... right outside the house, we saw the road torn up like this:

Rivers must have run down our streets from the field above. We could still see the paths they left, flattening all the grass in their way.

The "technological risk" of our area, which you're now required to disclose to sell your home, is mudslides. Which is exactly what happened here, just a bit further down from our house.

Just a little further on, we decided to turn around and go back, because there was not a single unmuddied spot in the road for us to cross on, and visions of mud-covered children and piles of laundry did not appeal to us.

Frédéric ventured out to town yesterday, and found part of the road in one of the other villages with a monster pothole... measuring about 3 feet wide, by 30 feet long, and we're not really sure how deep. We hope that the road workers will be able to fix all of this soon, so taking the kids to school in a couple of weeks is not any more of an adventure than it may already be, since they are still working on the bridge in our village, so we have to go the long way around.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Glad you are all ok. Also, hope Frederick is ok too.
I spoke to my Mom (in NYC) and she told me about her experience with the earthquake. She was watching a show and the television started to shake as if it was going to fall down. The same with my sister, who live on the top floor in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and had to be evacuated. She is back in her condo but it was scary for her.
Hot weather is back in St. Louis.
I guess we just have to enjoy life while we can!
Be well, and have a good week/weekend.