Friday, October 7, 2011

Indian Summer

Well - I didn't get any pictures of Indian summer, but it was nice for the few days that it lasted. Perfect for some more yard clean-up, I think I filled up 20-30 bags of hedge clippings, weeds, and branches, and Frédéric hauled them off to the dump. All that clean-up makes a nice, large space for the vegetable garden next year.

Fall (winter?!) showed up this morning, with that nip in the air that almost bit my nose off when I poked it out the front door to check whether we needed jackets today. (We didn't, we needed coats!)

With fall comes my very first seasonal decorating foray ever, enabled by our local store that sells other stores' leftover odds and ends, where we found five jack-o-lantern tealights for 50 cents, and this fall wreath for 75 cents. It said "Wilkommen" on the banner, but not being German-speakers, we changed it to "happy fall!" instead.

Benjamin wants to make some decorations for his room, too, so we'll see what he comes up with. He seems to know quite a lot about Halloween, and I'm not really sure how since we don't talk about it, or celebrate it here other than by carving jack-o-lanterns.

School vacation is coming up for both boys in a couple of weeks. Whom do I write to in order to get Thanksgiving break at Thanksgiving, instead of at All Saints' Day? Who made up this crazy school vacation calendar, anyway?

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