Friday, December 30, 2011


Some "internet friends" came to visit us this weekend with their 2 daughters, who are close to Benjamin's and Noah's ages. This was our first time to meet them "in real life," but we are all getting along great and having a fun time.

Yesterday, we took them to Pierrefonds to see the castle.

Well, the actual castle is a tad larger than that. We lucked out weather-wise; the heavy rain didn't start to fall until after we arrived home.

There was a Monduit lead workshop exhibit in part of the castle. The Monduit workshops are where the Statue of Liberty was made.

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MizCastle said...

Beautiful photos!!! I'm so glad I know about your blog now. You told me about it once before, but I forgot. So typical. LOL! One of these days I will post photos that I took while we were there.