Monday, February 27, 2012

Bicycles, Fun with Fractions, and the Nun in My Refrigerator

The weather is not great, but at least we are not dealing with frozen toes or frozen pipes anymore. It got up to 50° today, and the boys are on winter break. So it was time to break out the bicycles! I insisted that Benjamin try today without the training wheels. He hasn't wanted to do that yet, but when we pointed out to him today that the other kids in his class all knew how to ride without training wheels, he said, "Yeah, and the little kids, too!" So we took that to mean he was definitely ready.

After only about 20 minutes - plenty of falls, and tears, but a firm refusal to give up - he got it!

I didn't bother to get out of pajamas today (hey, it is vacation!), so I just peeked out the window as he rode in front of the house, but he is VERY proud of himself and made me promise to get dressed so I could come out and watch him tomorrow.

Noah happily sped along with his training wheels intact, for the moment. I would wager that after watching older brother go without them for a while, he'll be raring to try it himself, too.

* * * * *

This is what you get for trying to brag on your kids...

Noah, showing me his partially-eaten cookie: Mommy, this is one-fourth. Like on the pizza. (referring to a game that teaches fractions)
Me, to F: Haha, did you hear that, he can do fractions at three. Noah, is that one-fourth?
Noah: No. It is one HORSE.

Oh. Hm. Well.

He continued in that same vein today as he showed me his half-eaten plate of food...
N: Look, Mommy! It is one half!
Me: Yes. What will it be next?
N: Then it will be one horse!
* * * * *

And this is the nun that was in my refrigerator.
When Frédéric doesn't know what to do with Noah to keep him occupied, they bake. So he baked some éclairs au chocolat and réligieuses (nuns).

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Leontien said...

Whooo very very good!!! This is a good mommy bragging moment i would think!

And those (whatever they are, i like to call them "Bosche Bollen" cause that is what they look like) look great!!!