Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delete Hedge, Insert Potatoes

This week, our neighbor who helped Frédéric cut down the hedge came back to help him pull out the stumps, now that the ground has thawed.

I LOVE being able to see our street, not feeling like I'm hiding behind the giant hedge fortress, and knowing that the hedge roots won't go tear apart our water pipes is appreciable, too.

The neighbor went above and beyond, and removed the stumps from the side of the house that have been waiting for about five years.

AND cut the one in the back of the house that has waited a couple of years now, too, down to the ground.

On the neighbor's advice, Frédéric planted potatoes where the stumps were, to kill weeds, or hedge roots, or something. (Yeah, I'm not the one with the green thumb, don't ask me.) Who has potatoes growing in their front lawn? We do! (Guess who also doesn't have a homeowners' association? Good thing, huh?)

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