Monday, July 9, 2012

Cité de l'Espace at Toulouse

I did not know that Toulouse had a space center, but JL's coworkers suggested it as a possible outing for us - and we thank them! We had a great time. Lots to see and do.

My favorite part was the experiment stations, where employees showed and told us about the moon or about Mars.
Noah was fascinated by the Martian atmosphere experiments.


Noah looking through the telescope at the rocket ship.

 The MIR space station.

 Future astronaut?
The boys got to practice walking on the moon, and I got to ride the twirly thing (aka multi-axis trainer). We all watched an Imax movie about repairing the Hubble telescope.

Afterwards, we stopped at a local Chinese place for dinner, and JL instructed the boys in the art of chopsticks.

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