Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maintaining the Myth

I am in desperate need of some Parental Mythology photos this summer, this long, long, long summer. A whole month left of summer. And yes, we only have 2 months here. Thank goodness.

Fortunately, the boys complied this morning when they got out a game to play together.

With these pictures, I can now pretend they played nicely together the entire time, and didn't squabble over anything. (Let it be said that there is a reason I only take photos, not videos.)


Top-of-the-Arch said...

Both kids look adorable and loving as always. Enjoy reading all the interesting posts - thanks for sharing. It sounded like you wonderful time visiting with friends and family.
It is getting hot again in STL and as you know summer is only half way :(
Have a good week,

Claire said...

That looks like a fun game. I found Busy Busy Airport by Richard Scary for Kyra since I couldn't find that one again. It's another one where they have to move around a lot. Your boys would love it.