Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Dragon's Lair

Thursday we took advantage of the kids having lunch at the school cafeteria to visit the Dragon's Lair. This is a stone quarry located on the front lines of the war during World War I. It was used by both French and Germans altnernately, and at one point, each side occupied part of the cavern. There are kilometers (or miles, if you prefer) of tunnels in the cavern, and the soldiers had dormitories, armories, telegraphs, common rooms, and even cemeteries in the tunnels.

Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take pictures inside, but this is the view from the top of the ridge, towards where the French trenches were located.

After the visit to the Dragon's Lair, we had just enough time for a quick stop at the ruins of the Abbaye de Vauclair.
This was the dovecote.

A couple of friendly tourists.

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