Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flea Market Season is Officially Open!

Despite the cold weather, it is flea market season. We inaugurated this year's flea market season by attending the one in Montgobert today. Montgobert is right next to Puiseux, and is the home of Napoleon's sister's castle.

What better place for a flea market than on castle grounds?

We went in the afternoon, and the historical society was giving commented tours of the castle around the time we were there, so we took advantage of our first visit inside the castle, which is now primarily a wood museum.

This is the "Pauline Bonaparte room," so named for Napoleon's sister. Benjamin's in the picture because he's cute, but you can also see how small their beds were... perhaps I would have been a giant in the 18th century!

This tree is one of many in the local forests that were destroyed during World War I.
View of the castle grounds.

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