Monday, February 10, 2014

Slavedrivers Strike Again

Benjamin decided that losing teeth wasn't working out well as a get-rich-quick scheme. So when I suggested he could do some chores around the house to earn money, he jumped at the chance. He was on my case for several days until I came up with a good chore chart. In the meantime, he made a list of things he thought he could do for us around the house.

His list included (please don't mind all the spelling errors):
  • installé la table
  • garder ma chambre propre
  • brosser mes dents sens qu'elle me le dise de le fair
  • me coucher sâgement
  • aider les autre personne dans la maison
  • faire moins d'ordinateur
  • regarder moins de télé
  • ranger la table
  • ranger la cuisine
  • nettoyer les vitrine
  • ameliorer la maison pour aider mes parents à aller plus vite
  • ouvrir volets
(set the table, keep my room clean, brush my teeth without her telling me to, go to bed nicely, help the other people in the house, do less computer, watch less TV, clear the table, clean the kitchen, clean the windows, improve the house to help my parents go faster, open the shutters)

The "improve the house" one refers to furniture placement, painting, any type of home decorating. He loves to watch Househunters-type shows and makes (hilarious) comments on house prices, how a home is decorated, whether he would buy it or not and why.

Not to be outdone, of course, Noah made up his own list, which included:
  • essuié la table
  • rangé la meson
  • fabricé des armes
  • instale la table
  • ouvrir las vole
(wipe the table, clean the house, make weapons (????!!!!), set the table, open the shutters).

(I informed Noah that under no circumstances would I be paying him to make weapons...)

Later, they added notes to their lists about what they thought would be fair payment for each chore. Benjamin's scale ranged from 5 cents to 20 cents per task. Noah's ranged from 24 € (setting the table) to 100 € (opening the shutters).

Not being oil sheiks or having won the lottery lately, we decided to align ourselves with Benjamin's suggestions rather than Noah's.