Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Septmonts and Vauxclair Abbey

Yesterday morning, we visited the town and castle of Septmonts, and got our exercise with all of the many stairs to the top of the tower. These beautiful blue, cloudy skies are one thing I love about the area where we live.

In the afternoon, we had reserved a visit at the Dragon's Lair, the quarry used by German and French soldiers - sometimes at the same time! - during World War I. We ended up getting a private visit in English. Our guide was knowledgeable, interesting, and had a great singing voice! Yes, he even sang some wartime songs for us. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take photos inside the quarry, so you'll just have to come visit it for yourself some time. I've been at least three times so far, and learned new things each time, so it's definitely worth the visit!

We went to Vauxclair Abbey afterwards to walk around the ruins.

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