Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tourists in St Louis

To justify our trip for the French schools, and also just because we love St Louis, we play tourist a little bit when we're there.

This year, we started out with the Missouri History Museum, where we visited a Toy exhibit (kind of horrifying to see some of the toys from MY childhood in a museum), a Route 66 exhibit, and a 1904 St Louis World's Fair exhibit.

My dad said the boys really needed to have some Ted Drewes'. Somehow we never seem to make it over here in the summer, so concretes in November it had to be.

My dad also thought that since we were halfway there, we ought to go take the boys to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which fit in neatly with our Route 66 museum exhibit visit.

So we walked all the way across the Mississippi River on foot. (To Frédéric's dismay - but now he has some small understanding of how I feel in an airplane.)

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