Monday, December 19, 2016

The Longest-Planned Vacation

So the thing about this vacation is that we've been planning it for probably over 16 years - since we got married. But the first few years, we were poor. Then we were busy having kids. Then there's the trip home to the US every year, which takes vacation time and money, but which we weren't ready to give up in favor of this trip. Then every time we saved up some money for this trip, the government would swoop in and take it away for things like self-employment taxes.

But we decided this was the year! We talked with Frédéric's cousins, Christian and Sheila, who would go with us with their kids, and we got everything planned out and budgeted. We decided to spend one week in Mauritius, and one week in Reunion Island. Frédéric's mom and all her family are from Reunion, and his cousin's wife, Sheila, is from Mauritius, and they have a house there.

Both islands are located off the east coast of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. Mauritius is independent, and Reunion is a French overseas department.

We left Dec 18th. We got to the airport three hours early, and even so barely made our flight, because they had so few people working security. But as they were making the final boarding calls, we got on. Whew!

Then we flew for 11 and a half hours. That is a LONG time to be in an airplane. But finally, we made it! And look at the view as we came in! Wow!

The day we arrived, Sheila's family rallied to the cause and chauffeured us from the airport to Christian and Sheila's house. Her parents welcomed us there. That afternoon, we went to the beach near their house. This is their beautiful house.

And this is the beautiful beach.

What a perfect start to our trip!

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