Thursday, December 29, 2016

Plaine des Sables & Créole traditions

We started Wednesday with coffee with Frédéric's Tonton Serge and Tante Titine. We met Christian, Romain, and Michel there. Coffee ended up being a bit later than we had planned, since we didn't realize their town had a "Lower" and an "Upper" street of the same name, but after driving through a Normandy-like countryside with lots of cows, we finally found it on the other side of town.

Before lunch, we went out for a look at the scenery not too far from their house - breathtaking views into the valleys, where there are waterfalls and villages down below. Thank goodness the platform is solid...

Then back to their house for lunch.

The boys and I really wanted to see "the moon" - the Plaine des Sables, or Sand Plains - which is a plateau on the road leading up to the volcano. The road to get there was vertiginous, but we made it, slowly but surely. And then had to go down a bit again to get onto the plateau itself.

We were driving above the clouds! And no guard rails on the roads... speed limit is 40 km/h (25mph).

Of course, since we had come up, we had to get back down... we drove down and then on to have dinner with Frédéric's Tonton Joe and Tante Tina, who bought and completely renovated an old "case créole," a traditional-style house on the island. To go with the traditional-style house, we had a traditional-style meal of "cari," and Tonton Joe played us some traditional Créole music before we left to go back to our villa.

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