Friday, August 24, 2007

still puking

I'm still sick, Frederic is still having to do everything around the house and work, and Benjamin is still cute. The renovations are at a stand-still because Frederic doesn't have time to work on them at the moment. Frederic also pulled a muscle in his back at work a few days ago so was off for 4 days -- too bad that 3 of those days were his normal days off anyway!

My mom is arriving tomorrow for 2 weeks to take care of Benjamin and the house so that I can rest up and Frederic can work on the renovations.

I saw the GP yesterday; he gave me some medicine but so far it's not working, maybe tomorrow.
Oh, and everything you read about having beautiful, luxuriant hair during pregnancy? It's not true. My hair is falling out by the handful.

I thought I didn't have any Benjamin pictures to post for you... I was right. We need to buy new batteries for our camera; they've been recharged for 2 years and won't keep their charge anymore. And I'm a little busy throwing up to take many pictures at the moment. I do have an extremely short, poor quality and soundless video of him dancing for you, though. I guess he got his parents' sense of rhythm, poor kid. We should send him to spend more time with his dancing Creole relatives.

And I can tell you that he knows the Sesame Street Video "Learning About Letters" almost by heart now, and can say "bah-bo" (apple), "nana" (banana), "loons" (balloons), and for some reason says "Daddy" every time Cookie Monster shows up on the screen to sing "C is for Cookie." Not sure where that came from!

He can point to his nose, his ear, his mouth, his teeth, his head, his arm and his feet... he's not too sure where his eyes are, though. One of his favorite books is about a baby who can't find his nose, and finally finds it when he looks in the mirror at the end of the book.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So if you've been wondering...

why the blog hasn't been updated in a while, it's not because nothing is going on.

It's just because my days are largely taken up at the moment with my multiple meetings with the porcelain gods, required by my status as a member of the Daily Vomit Club, and the subsequent required hours of lying on the couch. In between those activities, I also still have to take care of Benjamin and try to get a little bit of work done. Housework has fallen by the wayside completely though - so don't come visit without lots of fair warning.

All that to say... Benjamin will be a big brother next March. Hopefully I can resign from the Daily Vomit Club long before then.

Benjamin is going to be a big brother!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More walls

Things are slowly but surely advancing in our renovations.

This is the long narrow hallway that will no longer exist when we are done - we will remove the wall on the right; the living room is there.

And this is what it looks like now from the opposite end of the hallway (all the way down the hall to the left in the first picture). We have a couple more bits of wall to put up still.

This is our little tiny hallway that goes to the bathroom (left) and guest room (right). The point of this little hallway is so that when we remove the living room wall, you won't see the bathroom door from the living room. (The French like to be discreet about things like that.)

So things are moving right along and hopefully we'll have it mostly done by the end of August. Then we'll have to work on painting/wallpapering and doing new flooring in the guest room. Then we'll get a new bed frame for the guest bed (currently it only has feet, no real frame) and we'll be ready for company again!