Saturday, April 26, 2008

More first smiles

And I think this time you should be able to tell that they are smiles on the photos.
Aw, that's almost enough for him to be forgiven for his barely bearable screaming fits every evening. Almost.

We have had lovely sunny, warm weather all week, so we have been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Frederic finished setting up Benjamin's swing set yesterday. 
Here it is.
And here is Benjamin saying, "No, no fween!" ("no, no swing").

And here I am trying to persuade him that it's really fun.

So far he remains unconvinced and prefers to stick with the slide. We're hoping that when we have friends over and their kids play on the swing set, he'll decide he wants to be in on the action, too.

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Jesse said...

My goodness Alisa, you look great! It takes me forever to look un-pregnant! :) Like the swingset, it will be put to good use I am sure.