Monday, May 5, 2008

Back in my office

And no longer back to the door and the window! We originally thought that putting my desk against this wall would block out too much light and close in the room, but after spending almost 2 years with my back to the door and the window, we decided to give it a try, and I like it much better!

Frederic even moved the radiator to the opposite wall so my desk would fit here. I did not know when I married him just how many hidden talents he had! I knew he could cook and clean, but being a home remodeler is an added bonus.

This is my office as it was when we moved in (and that reminds me, I need to get that play mat out for Noah):
And this is my office now! It still needs some finishing touches (curtains, pictures on the walls, one wall needs some fixing up, that would be the white spot over the filing cabinet, a light fixture, and we are going to have to find a solution for the SCARY PINK DOOR!!), but it's close enough to completed for me to be able to work in it now.

We think it looks much bigger and more open now (of course, moving most of my clutter out also helped in that department... now if we could only find another spot for it. The bonfire? Maybe.).

See that white spot on the ceiling? It's a smoke detector. We are one of the few homes in France to have one. For some reason they don't have laws about that, but with a wood stove that heats our house much of the year, we decided not to wait for legislation about it to install ours.

What?! You think the scary pink door adds character?! Hmmmm, we'll have to think on that one. I'm not sure I can work if it's staring at me like that.


Mick Wright said...

I feel threatened by the pink door, even though I know it's French.

Jesse said...

That's pretty pink! I don't know if I could have it there or not. Your office looks great! :)