Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few random updates

It's been busy here lately - what else is new? My computer is officially dead for the moment. The fan has completely stopped turning and I can't even turn it on long enough to do a complete backup before we send it off to the manufacturer to have them fix it, so we're waiting on a hard disk drive enclosure we can plug into the other computer's USB port to back it all up first. This is the part where I'm glad we still have 2 computers - Frederic has moved his computer into my office so I can continue to work while mine is unavailable - since it looks like mine will be out for quite some time.

The past two Saturdays we have attended weddings, one in Paris and the second in Lille, northern France. We had a good time and enjoyed seeing people we hadn't seen in quite some time. Benjamin was pretty tired at the first wedding - we left "early" at midnight! - so we left him with friends while we went to the second with Noah. Of course, he still didn't get a nap that day and got to bed late, so he's only now, three days later, starting to get over the effects of that long day.

Noah got to go see a physical therapist yesterday. He favors one side of his head when he is lying down, which is pretty much all the time since he can't sit up yet, so it's flattening out. The physical therapist said his eye was "stuck" and his diaphragm was "stuck," whatever that means, and he adjusted them and said we should see improvement. Frederic will take Noah there again Thursday, and four more times after that.

Frederic is on "paternity leave" now through the first week of July, so we are at home this week and I am trying to catch up on work, and he is trying to catch up on some things around the house. Then Monday we head up to the mountains for a few days to check on the condo and meet the Belgian lady who is going to take over managing rentals for us.

It turned warm and sunny again after a few more days of rain so Benjamin got to enjoy his swimming pool again yesterday. I'm surprised there was any water left when he was done, the way he splashed it all out!

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Jesse said...

Lots of updates, sounds busy around your place! Take care. Let us know about Noah!