Tuesday, June 17, 2008

no more starving baby in our house

Good news, we went to the doctor today for Noah's weight check and from 11 lbs, 8 oz last week, he is back up to 12 lbs, 12 oz today.

He's taking less formula at each feeding now, but I think we'll hold onto the scale we rented from the pharmacy for a bit longer for a little peace of mind. We don't go back to see the doctor until he is 4 months old now, so in about 3 weeks.

And Benjamin thinks he's found a good use for the electric pump's carrying case:

I don't think I mentioned it yet in the blog, but Frederic's request for regular hours has been accepted! Starting in early July, he will begin work every day at 7 am and be home between 3-4 pm. We are very happy about this and hope it will make our lives a little bit easier.

I'm also pushing for him to find a job in the US, but so far the airlines he's looked at are cheapskates ($10/hour in San Diego? You've GOT to be kidding me!) and/or want the applicant to have lived 5 years in the US already (probably a terrorist prevention thing, but pretty dumb all the same). So if you have any leads, let us know! Preferably ones not too far from St Louis.


KJWilsons said...

Yeah! Isn't that something? I'm surprised there aren't more disgruntled (underpaid) Pilots flying the friendly skies! This reminds me of one of DH's fav aviation quotes "The most dangerous thing about flying is the risk of starving to death."
— Dick Depew


Brett, BethAnn & Kyra said...

I am so glad to hear Noah is doing better!


Jesse said...

I am glad that Noah is gaining weight. That is a scary thing, I have been there with 2 of my kiddos. Josie at 14 1/2 months is just now at 18 pounds!
And CONGRATS on Frederic's hours. That is awesome. I can't imagine how happy you guys are. I'll pray for an American job!

Trevor and Kayla Keele said...

Yay for family time! I'm glad you could get Noah's weight up so quickly.


Kerrie said...

Whoo-hoo for Noah's weight gain!

Sandi said...

You know I've been there with the weight thing...scary. Soo glad he's gaining -- way to go Team Cognard!