Saturday, June 28, 2008

pre-vacation post

We're going to the mountains on Monday for a few days, but I'll leave you with some pictures before we go... this was our week.

Benjamin helped Frederic wash the car after it became a bug cemetery on our trip to and from northern France last weekend. Washing our car in our driveway is something we don't take for granted; we've only been able to do so since we moved to the house.

It was warm enough to play in the pool again.

Noah is a different baby these days - smiling, cooing, and laughing most of the day. We love it! He is sleeping great at night (goes down around 6:30 pm and wakes up around 5 am to eat, then sleeps some more) and is starting to take good naps.

A rare moment where the two were together - Benjamin's not terribly interested in Noah lately; I guess he doesn't seem like very much fun yet to him.

Noah having some "tummy time."

And Benjamin was having trouble with his soupy yogurt so Frederic told him just to drink it. Which he proceeded to do with gusto.


Dan, Kellie & Kiddos said...

Noah is so cute with his curly hair! Tucker says he wishes he could go swimming with Benjamin!

Jesse said...

Your boys are so beautiful. I love seeing their pictures. Have a wonderful vacation!

Chris Burkholder said...

Can't wait to see you guys this October! We're on a driving trip for the weekend ourselves, but it's nothing like the trip we had at the end of my paternity leave, which I imagine is what yours is like right now. So glad to hear Frederick is on a regular day shift. You probably know this, but Southwest is the only healthy airline in America right now. I suspect they don't pay very well but their employees do seem to enjoy working for them. And they may have more flights than American in and out of St. Louis by now.