Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, we've discovered at least part of the reason for Noah's fussiness. I've apparently been starving him. He had his 3-month checkup on Monday and instead of gaining close to 2 pounds like he should have, he lost 3 ounces. So I'm working to get my supply back up and we are also supplementing him with formula (wow that stuff is expensive! $31 a can!) so he doesn't waste away to nothing in the meantime. He goes back for a weight check on Tuesday.

We already washed and oiled the patio table and chairs some time back, but the plastic cover we wanted for them wasn't in stock, so we bought a different one, which turned out to be very thin plastic and didn't survive the first bout of wind it had to deal with. So the poor patio set has been dealing with the elements, and possibly more than the elements; Frederic thinks the greasy-looking spots all over them were not from rain but from an airplane de-fueling overhead. Yum. We found a tarp at the store recently so Benjamin and I washed the table and chairs again so now we can try once more to protect them from the rain.

Thankfully the sun has returned, so now Benjamin can bounce off of the hedges instead of the walls for a while.

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