Saturday, July 5, 2008

La Fête des Clochers

We're back from the mountains, but before I get to that, here is a recap of last weekend. Our village, along with 6 other neighboring villages, has a festival every year called "La Fête des Clochers." This year was our village's turn to host.

The theme was WWII. 64 years ago, an American pilot's plane was shot down in this area and the inhabitants of our village helped hide him from the Germans until he could rejoin his troop with the help of the French Resistance. He, his daughter, and his granddaughter came back to join us for the festival this year. Frederic and I got to meet them and speak with them for a little while.

There is a local club that maintains a collection of old army vehicles, and they present them for occasions like this one.
Frederic and Benjamin got to go for a jeep ride around the village after more or less correctly filling out a questionnaire about WWII
The "Polly Frenchies" sang a few songs from that time period for us in both English and French.

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