Sunday, July 13, 2008

No wonder I'm so tired!

I have had the feeling for quite some time that I'm not getting anything accomplished lately. When telling Frederic about my day today when he got home from work, I realized why. No church for us today since he was working, so this is what my day looked like:

11:00 pm Bed time the previous night.

2:30 am Wake up Frederic to put Noah's pacifier back in, in the hopes that he will go back to sleep until at least 3 am.

2:45 am Give up and feed Noah.

5:30 am Feed Noah again. Tell Frederic, "yes," it is 5:30 when he asks because he somehow turned off his alarm and now has to hurry to get to work on time.

6:00 am Get up and put Noah's pacifier back in.

7:00 am Get up for the day with Noah, have breakfast, check e-mail.

8:00 am Get Benjamin up and dressed, fix his breakfast.

8:30 am Put Benjamin back to bed to start his day over when he won't stop whining about everything & nothing.

8:45 am Get a much nicer Benjamin out of bed, feed Noah, and put Noah down for a nap.

10:00 am Get Noah up from his nap, have coffee with my friend who spent the weekend here and who was smart enough to bring ear plugs so she could sleep through all the morning activity.

11:45 am Feed Noah again, put him down for another nap.

12:15 pm Start preparing lunch. (Leftovers, thank goodness.)

12:45 pm Get Noah up from his nap, have lunch.

1:00 pm Take Benjamin away from the table and put him to bed early for his nap since he is whining/crying over nothing again and refusing to eat. Finish meal with friend in peace, clean up after meal.

2:45 pm Feed Noah again. Frederic comes home, so pass Noah off to Frederic to put down for yet another nap, and get Benjamin up from his nap.

4:00 pm Frederic goes upstairs to put Noah's pacifier back in.

4:30 pm Repeat, this time I go up as Frederic and Benjamin are taking my friend back to the train station. Start catching up on work.

5:00 pm Frederic gets Noah up from his nap. I keep working.

6:30 pm Stop working to go feed Noah. Frederic feeds Benjamin and puts both to bed. I go back to work.

7:30 pm Eat dinner while working at my computer. Keep working until bedtime, with a short break to update the blog.

10:20 pm Go pop Noah's pacifier back in so he will go back to sleep. Go back downstairs to keep working.

11:00 pm Bed time! Dream of Tuesday morning, when Frederic is off work and I will be able to sleep in!

Not getting one long stretch of sleep exacerbates the pain from my pregnancy-induced sciatica that didn't go away after pregnancy, and going up and down stairs all day doesn't help either. I can't wait until Benjamin and Noah take one nap/rest at the same time, or until Noah sleeps until 8 am without waking like Benjamin does (here's hoping he's not just an early riser by nature!).

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Jesse said...

Hang in there! It will get easier and Noah will sleep! Sounds like you are doing a great job to me.