Friday, July 25, 2008

summer days

Benjamin and Noah have both been keeping themselves pretty well occupied lately while I've been working. Benjamin plays with his cars, looks at photo albums, or brings books one by one into my office to "read" to himself (or sometimes to me). As you can see, he is still wearing long sleeves!

The parking garage. He parks like a Frenchman, no available space is left empty. If a car fits, it's a legal space.

Noah wiggles and squirms every which way on his play mat, alternately cooing and squealing. He is gaining weight adequately now, it seems, since the doctor didn't say otherwise at his last appointment on Monday.

Benjamin brought me some flowers (ok, weeds) the other day - I am fairly certain Frederic coached him, since he came in with a fistful of flowers and said "Uv oo Mommy" ("I love you, Mommy")... but when I put out my hand to take the flowers, he said, "No, Mommy!" I guess he only meant to show them to me, not give them to me. I think Frederic talked him into putting them into a vase which ended up on my desk.

The weather has been warm(er) the past couple of days, so Benjamin has gotten to play outside in his pool, and Frederic has gotten to powerwash the driveway and walkway. Our bricks on the driveway are red, who knew! And yesterday I cut down the laurel bushes - AGAIN. I cut them down last summer but Frederic never had the time to take them out. Since his cousin is coming to help with some yard work in 2 weeks, I thought if I got things started maybe they'd get them removed this time. They're pretty, but in the wrong spot... and the less maintenance the yard needs, the better for us.

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Mick Wright said...

Don't worry, he'll grow out of it. I parked cars that way as a child, too.