Saturday, September 6, 2008

Grape Jelly

Frederic's mom and sister came to visit this week. They hadn't met Noah yet and it had been a while since they had seen Benjamin. Frederic took them to visit the nearby village of La Ferté-Milon, and while there, they found a grapevine growing on an abandoned wall.

So they picked some grapes.
They also saw a goat.
And a horse.
And Benjamin really enjoyed the day.
They didn't just pick a few grapes, they picked a lot.
And my mother-in-law made us grape jelly.
We saved some grapes for eating.
I guess this is what sour grapes looks like.
And Noah is a happy boy who loves to roll over onto his tummy.

And squeal with laughter.


Jordan and Kacey and Caitlyn said...

Ok, fine, they're the second cutest kids in the world.

Jesse said...

Too adorable! Love the pics!