Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First snowfall

We got home just in time to see the first snowfall of the season yesterday. We don't get a lot of snow here, which is fine with me! Benjamin did not even want to go out in it, he said it was too cold! Not sure what that means for our ski trip over New Year's....
It did stick to the road because so much fell so quickly, but since it doesn't get much below the low 30s here, it has already mostly melted. (Note: "so much" is of course relative, we probably only got about an inch if that, but since we're used to none, that seems like a lot to us!)

* * * *
Noah is STILL sick. Frederic took him to the doctor yesterday here, and the doctor put him on special re-feeding formula due to his weight loss and the fact that he is still not eating normally since he had the stomach bug two weeks ago, and since he now has a fever that started a couple of days ago, the doctor suspects an infection of some type. So Noah got to have lab work this morning and we'll get the results back and (I hope) get to see the doctor again tomorrow evening.


anitamangue1 said...

Bonjour mes enfants ,
Je viens juste vous félicitez pour les merveilleuses photos.
et surtout pour la vidéo de Benjamin se sont des instants inoubliables et rigolotes , il était vraiment lasse mon petit bout de chou.
Gros bisous à vous tous

Laura said...

That video totally cracked me up! Your snow pictures are beautiful!