Monday, December 8, 2008

Home, Sweet Home and more jet lag

We made it safely home yesterday - and had a very comfortable flight. Our flight from Chicago was full so they automatically upgraded us to business class! I'd have to ask Frederic, who has an elephant-like memory of all flights we have ever taken, but I'm pretty sure that is the first time we have ever had an automatic upgrade. Of course, we usually don't buy reserved tickets either, and this time we did, so that is probably why.

Before we left St Louis, we celebrated Benjamin's third birthday (10 days early).

We saw the doctor three times in St Louis for Noah - basically for weight checks since he had lost a few ounces due to being ill. But he is still not really well yet, so we are going to see our doctor today to see what he says. A sick baby is a cuddly baby, though.

A sick baby also sleeps on the airplane - with the upgrade they also managed to get us the seats with the bassinet, so Noah slept almost the entire flight (a nice change from our flight last month; it's just too bad he had to be sick for that to happen!). Benjamin had his dinner, watched some TV, then said, "I'm turn off TV, I'm go night-night," rolled over in his seat and went to sleep! He was very happy to go to bed last night after dinner, too.

Frédéric had to work this morning at 7 am, so I predict it won't take him long to get over jet lag! The boys and I might be another story.


Jesse said...

Glad you're home safe. Nice return trip, you deserved that from last year!! Hope your time in the US was marvy!

Laura said...

HI! I love your blog! I hope you don't mind me stopping for a visit! Your boys are adorable! Paris? That's just fascinating to me! Come visit my blog when you have a chance!