Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick update on the sickies

Noah gained 3 oz back in the 3 days he was on the special formula, so that is good news. He still lacks 2-3 oz being up to what he weighed at 8 months, so we are still trying to get him to gain, but he's still not terribly enthusiastic about anything on a spoon. He apparently had some type of infection but it must have cleared itself up, because it showed up in his blood work but by the time we got back to the doctor 2 days later, he no longer had a fever at all and was eating better and acting like he felt better. So we hope he is finally on the mend.

Benjamin has a lingering cold & cough so we took him to the doctor also. He's lost weight too, because he's not been wanting to eat much lately either. What is it with these kids?! His last "official" weight check was about 9 months ago, and he has gained since then, but not much. So he is on cough syrup and sore throat syrup (I did not even know that existed!) for a few days.

And both boys got doses of vitamin D - ah, the joy of living in the gray northern regions!

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Sandi said...

I'm so sorry that you guys have been so sick! Glad you're home, though -- I know it feels good.