Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving and other tidbits

Last Monday, we went down to Tulsa where we visited my dad's parents for a couple of days. We were glad to get to introduce Noah to his great-grandparents for the first time.

On Wednesday we went to southern Oklahoma where we always spend Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family at a camp that we rent. His other great-grandparents got to meet Noah for the first time there, as did the rest of the extended family.

On our way from Tulsa to Madill, Frédéric passed a truck that was weaving dangerously all over the road. To do so, he apparently had to speed up to about 89 mph in a 70 mph zone, according to the highway patrolman who pulled him over a very short time later. Hmph. However, the patrolman didn't seem to know what to do with Frédéric's French driver's license, or else didn't want to be bothered with it - so he wrote out a warning to ME instead!! Frédéric thinks this is very funny. My first written warning ever, and I wasn't even driving! Hmph!

We had the traditional camp games of horseshoes, washers, Trivial Pursuit and new addition Jumping Monkeys, but Frédéric has slowly been infiltrating the game repertoire with French games, so boules was played alongside washers, and Mille Bornes joined the ranks of inside games this year.

Frédéric playing boules with Benjamin, without the benefit of the cochonnet

Benjamin liked playing horseshoes - his version of playing horseshoes was to use them to scoop up sand from the pit and put it outside of the pit. I'm sure the camp will thank us for this later.
You can see one of the cabins behind the boys in the picture below. The wood stoves were replaced with heating/cooling units a few years back. Sadly, the heat didn't work in our cabin so after freezing the first night, we borrowed a space heater the second night and were much more comfortable. We had lovely warm weather during the day, but the nights were chilly.
Noah got to take his traditional baby bath in the camp's kitchen sink this year. (Sorry, no pictures!)

Frédéric caught a catfish again this year - in 2004 he caught a 10-pounder, and he thinks this one was 8-9 pounds. My grandad showed him how to clean it (again, since he seemed to have forgotten in 4 years), and my grandma fried it up for us for lunch the next day.

Frédéric found this football down by the pond just before we left. Any family members missing a football?

The downside of our Thanksgiving was that Noah started throwing up Thanksgiving night, and has been refusing to eat much since then. We took him to the doctor yesterday, and went back today for a weight check (he gained an ounce despite eating only 19 ounces in 24 hours and refusing all solids). We'll go back on Friday to be sure he is still gaining and we hope he'll be back on solids shortly. Benjamin also seems to be coming down with something... after Benjamin's ear infection last year and Noah being ill this year, we're a little concerned about what next year might have in store for us!


Jesse said...

Seems like you had a great time! Sorry to hear about the boys being sick. My Josie threw up all over Aunt Deb's family room on Thanksgiving too! She was sick all night but quickly better on Friday.
Ohmigoodness, if I would have gotten my hubby's speeding ticket I would be crazy angry! I can't believe that happened! He owes you a GOOD Christmas present in my opinion! :) Take care!

Pat Winter said...

Adorable boys! Happy Holidays.