Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have not said much about this town

The one we are spending three months in. And there is a reason for that.

This happens to be the ugliest town I have ever seen in France. Even its fountain and its church are hardly picturesque, especially with the large (temporary? permanent?) stadium (bull ring) built just next to the church, and no town square to speak of. I suppose what might have once been the town square is now taken up by the bull arena and a nearby parking lot.

The street sweepers don't seem to come around very often, and there is no apparent architectural harmony among any of the buildings, most especially the newer homes going up on the edges of town. The 2-meter-high privacy fences don't do much to enhance the beauty of the town, either.

Our little village at home is definitely much nicer-looking - now if we just had the southern sunshine to go with our village, we would have it all!

The French are encouraged here, as in other towns, to pick up after their dogs. They even provide little baggies.

The French here, as in other towns, refuse, and this town is no cleaner than any other (except perhaps Aigues Mortes).

Not many little boy pictures lately since we haven't been doing much, but here is Benjamin, looking all serious (this doesn't really happen often):

And Noah with his crazy curls after a bath - Frederic says I dry his hair this way on purpose instead of smoothing it down. He's probably right.

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Top Of The Arch said...

Only if I could have curly hair like Noah I would save hundred of dollars from getting a perm every six months. How I wish .....
It is warm here in St. Louis, upper 60 this past weekend and today I did not need a coat when going out during lunch time :)
Have a good, quiet and healthy week.